Report: Sixers Turned Down Pacers’ Offer for Ben Simmons

Photo Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Dumas is the sports director out at KRON TV in San Francisco. Local guy. Philly native.

He occasionally reports NBA stuff and today went on Twitter to say that the Sixers turned down a Ben Simmons offer:

I’m not sure how this would make sense for Indy, who would then be rolling Ben Simmons, Domantas Sabonis, and Myles Turner out there. Seems redundant and would require follow-up moves.

But Brogdon averaged 21 points, five rebounds, and six assists this year. Shot 38.8% from three and took a career-high 17.5 shots per game. He’s a point guard and he’s good.

Is he good enough that you would trade Ben Simmons for him? I would say that the Sixers could probably better than Brogdon and a 1st rounder. For what it’s worth, the Pacers pick 13th this year and the Sixers aren’t in a position where a middle-of-the-first round selection is going to help them that much.

Brogdon is set to earn about $20 million over the next two seasons before becoming a free agent, so if you did a deal with Indy, you’d ask them to include a Jeremy Lamb or T.J. Warren or one of the Holiday brothers. Maybe Oshae Brissett. Something like that.

Again, we’re just kind of guessing here. Flapping around. Sixers fans are obviously gonna be down on Simmons, and would like to see him moved, but my take is that league-wide opinions of Ben are probably higher than what we think, simply for the fact that recency bias and frustration exists here in Philadelphia. It’s going to be up to Daryl Morey to extract maximum value, which to me is a Damian Lillard deal, or something involving a rebuilding Western Conference team that wants to try building around Ben.

Edit –

Now that I think more about it, there’s no way this report can be true. 

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