Ryan Ellis was sipping a drink and looking like a relaxed hockey version of Tormund Giantsbane on his introductory Zoom call.

The Flyers traded for Ellis last week, sending Nolan Patrick and Phil Myers to Nashville. Patrick was then shipped to Vegas for Cody Glass.

Ellis touched on a couple of topics during Tuesday’s session, which only ran about eight minutes. He explained that the trade came as a bit of a shock for him:

“A little shocked with everything that’s gone on. First time going through it (a trade). Bit of a shock to the system to me and my family, but nothing but looking forward from here. We’re excited to get there, get settled, and start a chase for the Cup.”

Couple of other bits worth sharing:

  • He has not yet been in contact with Ivan Provorov and admitted that he isn’t too familiar with his game because the Preds rarely play the Flyers.
  • Ellis says he shattered his knuckle last season and missed time, but did not have a shoulder injury or any kind of surgery. He “just broke a bone” in his hand.
  • He’s spoken to five or six players who reached out after the trade.
  • Ellis says he “didn’t envision any of this,” and reiterated he was shocked by the trade after thus far spending his entire career in Nashville.

That’s about it. It wasn’t a very exciting press conference, but if the guy can play then who really gives a shit? He just seems like a dude who enjoys hockey and wants to play. Wants to muck and grind and get pucks in front of the net and blah blah. All of that.

Here’s the full video: