Ten Takeaways from Dumb Drafts, Episode 3: Sports Talk Radio


Gotta say, there have been some disappointments with the selections made in our nascent Dumb Drafts podcast.

In episode #1, local television news personalities, Lisa Thomas-Laury and Monica Malpass weren’t selected at all. Rick Williams went 25th. Outrageous!

And in episode #2, summer beers, most of my colleagues didn’t even draft summer beers. Bob opened with a sour and Tim took an IPA. Sours and IPAs are not summer beers, so they should have been disqualified on the spot.

Russ also should have been disqualified for his performance in episode #3, ‘Philly sports talk’ –

Mike and Mike? Russ should be reprimanded for picking Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic. And Craig Carton, too. Russ picked a criminal and two national guys who used to appear on 97.5 the Fanatic. Total violation.

FYI, the rules stated that you had to pick five personalities, and then you organize those personalities into the three day-part shows. So you essentially program your station with your selections.

Here are 10 thoughts on the results:

  1. Bob going Angelo Cataldi and Howard Eskin back to back is ridiculous. Bob is a moron, a dope, and a nitwit.
  2. Kyle picked Steve Martorano and then incorrectly noted that he was Mike Missanelli’s partner back in the day. That’s incorrect. Mikey Miss and Steve Fredericks were know for their WIP partnership. Martorano hosted with The Cuz.
  3. Kyle was pandering with his Josh Innes pick.
  4. I was the only person to select hosts outside of 94 WIP and 97.5 the Fanatic. Mike Gill’s show on 97.3 ESPN is good. And Sean Brace is doing great things at the Gambler.
  5. Nobody can accuse my team of having “character issues” via Tony Bruno when Craig Carton was drafted.
  6. Twitter noted that most of these guys are white men, but we don’t hire the personalities. Sports talk radio has been white male dominated forever. Gotta talk to the bosses at those stations.
  7. Russ refused a trade that would have sent Glen Macnow to Kyle and netted him an extra pick.
  8. You could put together a strong team of people who weren’t even drafted. Big Daddy Graham. Rob Ellis. Rickie Ricardo, Devon Givens, Rhea Hughes, Jason Myrtetus, Paul Jolovitz, etc. WIP especially has a strong lineup of night and weekend guys who have been doing this for years.
  9. The thing about Ray Diddy is that you can pair him with anybody. He’s the ultimate team player.
  10. Bob’s midday show wouldn’t work out. Howard would just talk over Eytan the entire time.

Good job by everybody but Russ. A good exercise.