The Cleveland Indians are now the Cleveland Guardians

The Cleveland Indians decided to rebrand their baseball team in the wake of the social justice movement that stemmed from George Floyd’s murder.

They made this announcement some time ago, but today, Friday, revealed that the organization will now go by the nickname “Guardians.” They even got Tom Hanks to do the announcement:

“Guardians” might seem a little generic to outsiders, but according to the team website there’s a local connection:

“There are ties to the city through the “Guardians of Traffic” on the Hope Memorial Bridge. These sculptures on either side of the bridge are meant to symbolize progress.”

The bridge itself isn’t far from Progressive Field, and you see clips of it in the above video. There are two big statues that have the Norse mythology-looking winged helmets on their heads. I think Thor wears one. So do the Valkyries. God I’m a dork.

Anyway, here’s a photo from Trip Advisor:

They’re gonna finish the season as the Indians and then this new moniker is supposed to be rolled out for 2022. And I’d assume Chief Wahoo will be retired forever and never seen again.

Let’s check in with Lenny Dykstra for his take on the matter:


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