Thom Brennaman Resurfaces with High School Broadcasting Gig

Fox sports PR photo

One of the all-time “oof” moments in sports broadcasting history took place last August.

It was a Cincinnati Reds game. Thom Brennaman on play-by-play. The pregame show was getting underway when he was caught on a hot mic talking about a certain location being “one of the f** capitals of the world” –

Brennaman was suspended and ultimately canned from his Reds gig. He was also pulled from FOX’s NFL coverage as well.

Afterward, he did a stint calling baseball games in the Puerto Rican Roberto Clemente League and now he’s taking on a new role doing high school sports in Cincinnati for an outlet called “Chatterbox Sports” –

Says Brennaman in the video:

“Thank you for the kind words that you said a minute ago. And look, you know, it wasn’t just a mistake that I made a year ago, that happened, and some people might know about that, a lot of people might know about that, nobody might know about it. But I think it’s safe to say we all make multiple mistakes, I know I do every day of the week, multiple times, every day of the week.”

“But I’m just so grateful and excited. I grew up here in Greater Cincinnati. I know what high school football, high school basketball and high school sports mean to this area. This is what I was doing at Channel Five when my career started. Here we are coming full circle getting back out to high school sports again. And I’m excited. Thank you!”

Brennaman obviously wasn’t going to get another job doing PBP for a major television outlet. But he had been calling pro games since 1994 and probably has more than enough money to be set for life, so it’s not like he’s hurting financially. Seems a little weird to come back doing high school sports, but whatever, maybe he just loves doing it and doesn’t care about the competition level.

This would be like Tom McCarthy getting fired from his Phillies job and then one year later he’s back in the booth for the Friday night Perk Valley vs. Spring-Ford game. And then on Saturday he heads down to Delaware for a big clash between Salesianum and St. Mark’s.

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