Ben Simmons… Thinking Three!

from Instagram

Let’s get it back to Ben Simmons shooting jumpers in a gymnasium:

Damn! He looks good! Is this the year he comes out FIRING from downtown? Is Ben going to become a 37% three pointer shooter on 4.1 attempts per game? Probably not, but one can always hope.

We joke about these videos, and it’s become sort of a running gag in Philly sports, but when you look at these shots, everything looks fine mechanically. Elbow is fine. Release is fine. When you watched him up close, the ball used to come out with some side spin, but that seemed to improve over the years (at least based on what we were able to see during his pregame warmups). There’s nothing about this that would need to be broken down and completely rebuilt. I think people are in this mindset where a shot has to look a certain way to be acceptable, but that’s never been the case in the NBA. Shawn Marion had a funky release but averaged out to a 35% three point shooter during his best Phoenix years. Reggie Miller didn’t have typical mechanics either, and we all know what he could do from downtown.

(and yes, that’s Tyrese Maxey in the video)


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