Carson Wentz Returns to the Field After Foot Surgery

from the Colts' Twitter account

Get pumped, because Carson Wentz is back at Colts practice:

This clip cuts off at the eight second mark, but sources at Crossing Broad tell us that Carson proceeded to then fumble the ball. The defense recovered and returned it to the Colts’ 25 yard line. Zach Pascal had to run down the ball carrier and make the tackle from behind.

On a serious note, the Eagles are looking for that conditional first round draft pick, right? So Wentz being back with the Colts is a good thing, and while he’s limited this week, you gotta start somewhere. We need him to play 75% of the snaps, or 70% with a playoff appearance in order to turn that second rounder into a first rounder. And then Howie Roseman will proceed to reach for a receiver, or an undersized pass rusher, or a guy who is more interested in being a firefighter than a football player.

Go Birds!

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