Corny Joe Judge has Giants Running Sprints and Doing Push Ups After Practice Brawl

Photo Credit - USA Today Sports

Let’s get it back to the NFC East.

The New York Football Giants started hitting. Hitting each other, and late, in what sounds like highly questionable fashion. One of those hits resulted in a practice melee and the assembled scribes detailed it in full. Get a load of these amazing tweets:

This is fantastic. So much to unpack. Corey Clement busting a big run might be the most interesting takeaway here. He hasn’t logged a rush of 10+ yards since 2018.

Then you’ve got your franchise quarterback on the bottom of the pile. Ridiculous! I don’t blame Joe Judge for making these guys haul ass. He’s out here running the New York Giants like Lansdale Catholic, but it might be justified after this nonsense. You’d never see a smartly-run franchise like the Philadelphia Eagles engage in such training camp shenanigans. It’s time for Judge to get control of his football team. The same Joe Judge who had the audacity to lecture Doug Pederson after the brilliant Week 17 tank.

Joe Judge is our sworn enemy this season, and as long as he’s coaching NYG. Let’s see how far the fake tough guy routine gets him.

Also, I will pay $50 to any Giants reporter, or NYG intern/digital person, to leak video of this brawl. The people want the footage. The people need the footage.

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