Fight at Braves Game Includes UFC Submission Attempt and Some Ground and Pound

from twitter (@GAfollowers)

If this video was from Citizens Bank Park, it would be leading all of the morning shows. It would be the big story on Good Morning America and The Today Show as the national media rails against vile and uncouth Philadelphia sports fans.

But it’s not from CBP, it’s from Truist Park down there in Cobb County:

Fantastic video. I love the submission attempt from the woman on the bottom. She appears to be going for a triangle choke or a Gogoplata. She tries to swing that left leg over but the other combatant gets the right arm free and tries to throw some HEAVY ground and pound before bystanders step in. Then we’ve got some hair pulling and a front kick after the bell rings.

Personally, I think this was an early stoppage. Ref stepped in too soon. The people want a rematch. The people need a rematch.