Carson Wentz is going to miss some time due to foot surgery, which is probably going to dick the Eagles out of a conditional first round draft pick. He needs to play 75% of the snaps this season, or 70% with a playoff appearance, in order for that second rounder to improve to a first rounder.

The Colts have Jacob Eason as their number two behind Carson right now, so course everybody was sort of wondering aloud on social media if Indy should trade for NICK FOLES, who currently finds himself on a Bears roster with Justin Fields and Andy Dalton. 3rd stringer Big Dick Nick was asked about it:

Foles to the Colts? It wouldn’t happen, would it? This sounds like fun, and it would arouse the Folesian society. They would find glee in Nick replacing “neck zits” (or insert other derogatory Wentz term here) once more and going on a run of success with Indy.


But according to Mort Report, that’s not gonna happen:

Yeah, I can’t imagine an Indy trade takes place. The timeline for a Wentz recovery is anywhere from five to 12 weeks. That’s what we were told. At worst, he’ll miss eight games. Best case scenario is he only misses 3-4 and they try to tread water until his return. It would seem like a panic move for the Colts to make a big trade and turn this thing upside down just two weeks into training camp.

But Nick should go somewhere else. Where? THE EAGLES?! Your phone calls coming up next. 610-632-0975 if you wanna get in. But first, a message from Paul B. Moyer and Sons.