“I Kind of Just Went Back into my Role” – Travis Fulgham Suggests Alshon Jeffery’s Return Reduced his Snaps

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Fulgham was absolutely rolling last season before falling off the face of the Earth. The undrafted receiver’s early and mid-season success was one of the bright spots during an otherwise pathetic Eagles campaign.

Fulgham dropped off after the Cleveland loss. He had been averaging 8-9 targets per game up until that point, and then was only targeted 11 more times the entire season. We never truly got an explanation for why his playing time dwindled, but Wednesday at training camp Fulgham suggested that it was the return of Alshon Jeffery that pushed him to the bench.

Here’s part of the back and forth with reporters:

Fulgham: I learned a lot, from the good, the bad, and the ugly. With routes and everything, just being more efficient. Whenever the team calls my name I need to fill that role and step up. 

John Clark: What did you learn from the part from where you were at your best, compared to maybe another part? 

Fulgham: I feel like I was always at my best, it was just my role changed at the time and that’s kind of what it was. 

John McMullen: Did you ever get an explanation as to why the role changed? You were having some success on the field. What was the message off the field? 

Fulgham: It was kind of just, I mean Alshon came back healthy, and that was his spot. So I kind of just went back into my role, I guess. 

Fulgham said the reduced role was “rough” but noted that it’s a team sport and that he has to accept it and continue working. It’s “not his job” to question the coaches and is excited to do more this year.

But if this is true, it’s organizational malpractice from the Eagles. Alshon Jeffery didn’t have a future here, yet he came back from injury to take snaps from a young guy who was playing well? Outrageous!

And look, maybe there was something going on with Fulgham that we never got an explanation for, but if what he’s saying here is true, then Howie Roseman and/or Doug Pederson need to retroactively be placed in the bagster. The person responsible for this must be bagster’d.

Edit – I’ve been informed that there were “reports” last year that Fulgham didn’t practice hard and that pissed off the coaches. I will go back and look for those stories.

Edit 2 – Roob had a writeup on this from December.