Full credit to Reddit poster u/Speedysnail513 for bringing this oversight to the attention of Eagles fans.

In Madden 22, Birds head coach Nick Sirianni looks nothing like Nick Sirianni. He actually looks like a mix between Gabe Kapler and Channing Tatum, which is a nice compliment, since those are two very attractive guys:

Looks like Kapler to me. Phillies should have kept him, btw.

If you look at that photo, you also notice that the NFL logo is upside down and backwards. This was noted by Twitter user @PhillyPhan1001, who asked the EA powers that be to take a look at this:

The hoodie also appears to be backwards, right? Is that the hood on the front of the sweatshirt? It seems like the entire thing is upside down and backwards, like Joe Judge’s approach to coaching.

We will continue to “effort” more information on this important story.