What is it with these stories?

Last year we had the nonsense with that Alabama television reporter saying we needed to refer to Nick Saban as “Coach.” Then Deion Sanders lectured some Mississippi reporter over the same damn thing.

Now Jason Garrett, who hasn’t won jack shit in the NFL, is also asking reporters to refer to him as “coach” –

Jason Garrett coached the Dallas Cowboys for nine and a half seasons and won a grand total of two playoff games. Two! He’s got a .559 win percentage as a head coach and survived three straight 8-8 campaigns because Jerry Jones stinks and doesn’t know what he’s doing. Now Garrett is the offensive coordinator for the New York Giants. He’s a decent coach but let’s not pretend this dude is the second coming of Vince Lombardi.

“Coach” my ass. Put Jason Garrett in the bagster.

Edit – the video makes this even worse:

What a dweeb!