Kirk Cousins Considered Surrounding Himself with Plexiglass

Photo Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

You like that?

Kirk Cousins is an anti-vaxxer. Personal choice and all of that.

As a result, he had to miss a few days of practice because he was deemed a close contact to rookie Kellen Mond, who tested positive for COVID-19.

What happened is that the Vikings quarterback room was apparently too small, and that’s why the close contact thing kicked in. When explaining the situation at practice on Thursday, he delivered what seems like a ridiculous line, in the third tweet of this chain:

lol okay..

It would seem that getting the safe and free vaccine would make more sense than surrounding yourself with plexiglass in the quarterback room, but what do we know?

This reminds me of that skit Tom Green did years ago, when he introduced the SAMSE (the space age mobile smoking environment). It was an enclosed box that allowed him to go into restaurants and other non-smoking areas so as not to disturb anybody else. Ridiculous skit. Just as ridiculous as Cousins talking about putting damn plexiglass in a small room instead of just getting the friggin’ shot.

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