From Yaron Weitzman;

Yaron wrote that Tanking to the Top book, which we reviewed on this website. I gave it a 8.7 out of 10 on our arbitrary book review scale, since we’ve only done something like three book reviews in the history of Crossing Broad.

More importantly, this Phil Beckner news is something we can overreact to. Never heard of this dude until today, but if adding him makes Lillard want to come here, then it’s a GREAT MOVE.

Could this mean the Sixers positioning themselves to land Lillard? Are they angling? Focusing? Zeroing in? Pick a Woj verb and fill in the blank.

We’ve heard the rumors that Lillard would prefer a New York Knicks move, but they just went out and got Kemba Walker from the Thunder. Dame, for some context, has four more years on a max deal that will see him hit $40 million+ against the cap until he becomes a free agent in 2025. He’ll be 35 years old at that point.