Things had quieted down on the Deshaun Watson front, then this dude showed up on Wednesday night:

Florio says this is bogus:

Hopefully PFT is right because the Eagles don’t need the Deshaun Watson distraction. Dude is in a complicated and messy legal situation that might not be resolved any time soon. Just roll Jalen Hurts out there and let’s find out if he’s a starter. If he’s not a QB1, go get somebody else who isn’t Deshaun Watson. Pour R32 Freon on these “talks.”

Said Nick Sirianni when asked about the Texans’ QB today:

“Yeah I’m not going to talk about the hypotheticals of something that whatever, with rumors. All I can tell you is that every decision that we make here is a group effort. Howie and his staff and myself, we’re working together to get the best 53 out on the field every Sunday.” 

Good answer. Sirianni also wasn’t interested in naming Hurts his starting quarterback:

“There’s just no rush there on having to do that. We just want him to continue to impress and show like he has. We’re just not there yet.” 

The head ball coach was also asked how he helps players eliminate “distractions,” like when the team is linked to a guy facing sexual misconduct allegations from 20+ women:

“We talk as a group of ‘how do you get better every single day?’ This is my conversation with Jalen, this will be my conversation with all of the players. How do you get better every single day? And we talk about our core values, our ‘connect.’ Our compete, our accountability, our football IQ, our fundamentals. And then what are the distractions that don’t allow you to get better every day? The distractions are different for everybody. They’re different for everybody. Everybody’s going through something different. The message is clear with everybody – what are we doing to get better every day and what are we willing to eliminate from our life that is not allowing us to accomplish that goal.” 

That’s a pretty good quote. In layman’s terms, we’re all essentially trying to remove as much bullshit from our lives as possible. That’s what life becomes at age 35+. “How can I make this bullshit go away?” That’s the internal and daily conversation, and it applies to the Deshaun Watson rumor. Please make that bullshit go away.