Let’s get it back to the Eagles.

We’ve got another joint practice session with the J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets up in North Jersey, and Nick Sirianni spoke to the media before the session.

One of the bigger topics of camp is the starting left tackle job, which Jordan Mailata seems to have won, according to every single beat reporter covering the team right now. Andre Dillard is working with the second unit as he returns from injury, but when asked about it today, Sirianni didn’t want to name either guy the winner of the battle:

Reporter: Are you still rotating at left tackle?

Sirianni: Well Andre just got back. How many days has he been back, two? So right now, with him just getting back, he’s working with the twos and Jordan is working with the ones.

Reporter: So you’re not decided on that? 

Sirianni: Not decided, no.

He’s nothing if not consistent, and that’s something to consider when we ask questions like “why won’t Sirianni name Jalen Hurts the starter?” Similar situation there.

We all know Mailata is going to win the left tackle job, and I’m not sure what changes if the head coach pronounces one player the winner over the other. Does that guy exhale? Does pressure come off his shoulders? Does he play harder for the coach, as a reward for not stringing him along? And on the flipside, does Dillard phone it in? Stop working? Mope around? Does his trade value go down?

This is a topic I’d like to ask a former player about. Maybe we should call up Jon Ritchie and/or Ike Reese today and broach the subject.

Here’s Sirianni’s full presser: