Right on Cue, the WIP Morning Show Asks if We Should Trade for Nick Foles

Angelo Cataldi

The Eagles got their ass kicked in a meaningless game last night where the starting QB didn’t even play because of a stomach issue.

Right on cue, here comes the WIP Morning Show to ask if the Eagles should trade for Nick Foles:

Who didn’t see this coming? It’s the most predictable thing ever. It may as well be a scheduled tweet. I’m laughing my ass off because nobody knows their own brand like the WIP Morning Show. They’ve been operating like a well-oiled moron machine for 30-some-odd years now. You have to begrudgingly respect how shallow and shameless Angelo and company are. Nobody plays to the lowest common denominator of Eagles fans like Cataldi and that group.

I sometimes wonder if the other people at WIP are annoyed with Angelo, and Howard “Erskin” as well. The station is basically 90% good dudes who are good at what they do, but they’re dragged down because of this unavoidable association with a couple of nitwits, morons, and dopes. Send these dinosaurs out to pasture and let the rest of the talent thrive. Tear down this fake outrage wall.

Of course, the answer to the poll question is no. Foles’ time in Philadelphia came and went. We built the statue. We’re moving on to a new era of Eagles football. Plus, Nick is owed almost seven million dollars and they can’t bring him in unless he redoes his contract for the second time in as many years.

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