Sixers Waiving George Hill, Who Disappointed in Philadelphia

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Via Keith Pompey and others. No clue who had it first but I’ll shout out Keith:

This is the correct move. Hill was set to earn $10 million this season, with a partially guaranteed $1.2 million that was set to kick in if he remained on the roster through the middle of this week. As a result, they’ll clear $8.8 million going into the 2021-2022 season.

Hill seemed like a really good move at the time. He was coming off thumb surgery but posted really good numbers for the Thunder early in the regular season, averaging 12 points, two rebounds, and three assists while shooting 38.6% on 4.1 three point attempts per game. He was playing about 26 minutes in OKC and shooting just a shade over 50% from the floor.

In Philadelphia, all of those numbers dropped. He needed some extra time to get into the lineup, and only averaged 18 minutes per game coming off the bench. Three point attempts dropped to 1.4 per game. Field goal percentage dropped to 44.2%. He just never looked comfortable or settled and was a shell of the player who was an incredibly-solid two-way guard for the Pacers and other squads not very long ago.

This is what Hill did in the postseason:

He scored 17 points in the Atlanta series. Shot 30% from the floor and 22% from three.

It’s disappointing from a guy who has played more than 125 postseason games and is a career 37.2% three point shooter in the playoffs. He was always good for 10 points and a couple of assists, with solid perimeter defense to boot, but at age 34, we didn’t get that player in Philly.

The only thing about waiving Hill is that his $10 million comprised a mid-level salary that would have been very easily moved. But with this taken care of, and Furkan Korkmaz signed, we turn our full attention to Danny Green and Ben Simmons.

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