So Now We’ve Got Wawa Sneakers

via Wawa

Don’t tell John Fetterman, but Wawa released a limited edition shoe.

From Stephanie Farr at the Inquirer:

On Tuesday, the beloved Delaware-County based convenience store chain announced it’s releasing a limited-edition Wawa sneaker in collaboration with Philadelphia-based sneaker designer and manufacturer, Garrixon. The shoes will be available to 10 fans through an end-of-summer social media giveaway dubbed the #WawaRun Gear Sweepstakes.

According to a news release, the sneaker is a classic Nike Air Max 90 running shoe, updated with colors and graphics inspired by Wawa. The red-and-white kicks with blue laces feature the flying-goose pattern from Wawa hoagie wrappers and the words “Wawa Run” on the side. The ten lucky winners will receive their fancy footwear in a “custom hoagie inspired shoebox” that will include a Wawa gift card inside (which is a way better than those tiny silica gel packets you usually get).

A photo of this shoe:

Hell yeah. Gotta get a pair of these. Look at the goose symbol on the white part of the shoe. That is “fire,” as the kids like to say.

What we need to do is convince Wawa/Nike/Garrixon to make these available to everyone. 10 pair is not enough. I’d pay at least a hundo for these, maybe more.

By the way, you’d never see Sheetz do something like this. Wawa is king. Wawa is the GOAT. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.