The Sixers Have Reportedly “Made Some Headway” with Ben Simmons Trade Talks

Ben Simmons... thinking three!

It’s time to get it back to Ben Simmons. This is the story the people want to read.

More specifically, they want to read about him being traded, and according to Shams Charania, it seems like we’re moving forward in that regard.

Here’s his recent appearance on Inside the Association:


“Both sides want the same thing, which is a trade of Ben Simmons out of Philadelphia. We’ve seen that kind of develop as the year’s gone on, this whole season. He was offered up in those James Harden talks during the course of the regular season. That obviously did not happen. And then the flame out that occurred in the playoffs, really for the entire team, but the spotlight was really shining on Ben Simmons. And you saw Doc Rivers, Joel Embiid, shine that light on Ben Simmons. The Sixers started  conversations a few weeks before the draft with teams, on trying to figure out which offer might be the best. I think they made some headway with some teams, but at the end of the day they don’t have a deal done. I’m told they’re continuing to talk to teams. Minnesota is one of the most interested teams in Ben Simmons, but a package with them would require a third team, and those deals aren’t easy. What I’d expect is a climax to the situation to occur closer to the start of training camp.”

Sounds promising. I think we’re all telling ourselves that this is a matter of “when,” and not “if.” It’s pretty clear that both sides are ready to move on from one another. Whatever the deal is, let’s do it. Let’s #DoTheDeal.

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