Today’s Ben Simmons Rumor: Unreturned Phone Calls

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s another Ben Simmons rumor:

Full disclosure:

I have no idea if Jason Dumas is plugged in or not. No clue. Same guy who said the Sixers turned down Indy’s Malcolm Brogdon offer, which I was told was complete bullshit. We’re gonna have to go through his Twitter history and see what he’s reported and whether any of it has come true. We need to hire a Crossing Broad intern to do this important work.

Dumas elaborated on his report on the radio:

If true, this is basically Lady Gaga from the “Telephone” music video. Stop callin’ stop callin’, etc. Ben Simmons allegedly does not want to talk anymore, if Jason Dumas is to be believed.

One thing I do find to be weird is the Ben Simmons/Golden State link, which has been mentioned by other people. I just don’t see how putting Ben Simmons and Draymond Green on the floor at the same time makes any sense. Maybe GSW could pull it off with their elite shooting, but it would be clunky otherwise.

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