Who Started This Fight? (That, Again, Does Not Involve Philadelphia Sports Fans)

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Welp, it’s another weekend with another instance of bad fan behavior not involving Philadelphia sports fans.

This incident took place in Pittsburgh on Saturday night, and it was a wild affair that stemmed from an argument. A woman slaps another man in the face, then we witness retaliatory strikes from the slappee, directed at the slapper and a man presumed to be her companion of some sort.

Here it is:

There’s a lot to unpack here, but it’s worth noting that the man in the glasses looks to create some space for himself by saying “don’t touch me” while moving the woman away with his arm. That’s when she pushes the arm out of the way and slaps him right across the face. Pandemonium ensues. Glasses guy starts throwing haymakers. The poor boyfriend/friend/brother/whatever gets pulled into the fight, even though he initially looks like he wants nothing to do with it, and then he winds up getting knocked out cold. The most ridiculous thing is that after he regains consciousness, the woman tells him multiple times to “sit down,” after he stood up and tried to defend her.

Now, the topic on social media is “who started it first?”, and there’s a lot of disagreement on this. Some people believe that the man raising his hand to push the woman away amounts to “starting it first,” but others argue that he was only trying to keep her out of his face, and is justified in doing so. It’s true that she throws the first real strike of the melee, but ultimately it seemed as though this thing was escalating to a point where blows were gonna be traded either way.

That’s why I blame the guy in the hat, and the other people in the vicinity. Somebody should have stepped in and defused this situation before it turned into this. Outrageous!

Anyway, if anybody says anything about Philadelphia sports fans being boorish and uncouth, we now have something like 10 videos since June showing ridiculous fights and brouhahas in other stadiums (plus the Knicks spitter and Celtics water bottle thrower and racist Jazz fans). The “Philly fans are the worst” stereotype is officially dead.

(Pittsburgh police are now investigating the incident)

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