Let’s get it back to the Sixers.

We’re on Ben Simmons Watch 2021. Will he show up? Will he be traded?

According to Ramona Shelburne, Simmons is willing to sit out the entire season:

There is a 0% chance of this happening. And anybody who says “good, let him sit” is out of their mind, because you’d just be wasting a season of Joel Embiid’s prime with a max contract teammate choosing not to participate. You aren’t winning the title with a starting five of Embiid, Tobias Harris, Seth Curry, Danny Green, and Tyrese Maxey.

Nobody benefits from Ben Simmons sitting out an entire season. Simmons does not benefit. The Sixers don’t benefit. The fans don’t benefit. If it ever came remotely close to this becoming a reality, the Sixers would and should flip him for a Portland or Cleveland package, or whatever they can get in return.

Also, I’m thinking we should sponsor the “Ben Simmons Report of the Day.” Maybe get a shady car dealership to throw us some money.