Bow Wow is Sick of Your Philadelphia Eagles Chants

image via twitter

Thousands of Eagles fans flooded Atlanta and Mercedes Benz Stadium this past Sunday afternoon to watch the season opening shellacking of the Falcons, and one celebrity Falcons fan has had it up to here with your infernal Eagles chants.

A dejected Bow Wow (formerly known as Lil’) posted a video Sunday afternoon sharing his frustrations with the deluge of energetic Philadelphia fans that traveled to Atlanta and the poor showing from the home crowd.

“Every year, every year, the Falcons just…we ain’t been right since the Super Bowl. All the Philly fans in there going crazy, waving their hands like this, they doing some Eagles fly chant that they do in Lincoln Financial Stadium. They bring all that energy, all that Philly energy and bring that shit down into Atlanta. And then, Big Ticker, what are you doing bro? You’re going to play Meek Mill after the Eagles score, like we in Philly bro. We in Atlanta. Come on. What is you doing? You’re amping them up. There was so much green in Mercedes Benz Stadium it made no fucking sense.”

I mean, I get it Bow Wow. Can I call you Bow Wow? Mr. Wow? I’d be more than annoyed if I was a Falcons fan, spent thousands of dollars to attend their season opener, and had to sit back and watch as they rolled over onto their backs and visiting fans completely dominated the afternoon. And if the in-stadium DJ really did play Meek Mill after the Eagles scored a touchdown he should be fired immediately. Eagles fans don’t need anymore reasons to get amped up during an afternoon…and when you’re seven beers deep that Meek Mill just hits different.

I will stick up for “Fly Eagles Fly,” though. It’s probably better musically than anything Bow Wow has done in his entire career.

Maybe the outcome will be better for you next time “Like Mike.”

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