Bryce Harper Makes Young Fan’s Day With Catch in Stands

Image via Twitter

This is cool. Bryce Harper took a few moments to make a young Phillies fan’s life by having a catch with him in the stands during last nights 12-6 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Apparently the youngster brought a “Will you have a catch with me Bryce?” sign to the game and caught the eye of Harper who happily obliged.

Check it out.

Here’s another angle of Harper giving this kid a memory he’ll cherish for the rest of his life.

That’s just cool. Harper seems to “get” playing in Philadelphia, which so many athletes tend to either ignore or don’t understand (Ben Simmons I’m looking in your direction). Small gestures like this, just a few moments to make a young fan’s day, go a long way in the city. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, it doesn’t take anything special, but Harper understands that paying back the fanbase’s loyalty is an important part of playing in Philadelphia.

I’ve seen a few of these videos before with players having catch with a fan in the stands and I’m amazed at how accurately they can throw the baseball into the seats. If I tried to have a catch with the kid he’d spend 99% of the time trying to find the ball after I threw it eight rows over his head.

Great stuff Bryce. Hopefully you can have a few more catches with fans during the postseason.

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