Carson Wentz Suddenly Dealing With Two Balky Ankles

Christine Tannous/IndyStar via Imagn Content Services, LLC.

I thought the weight of a first round pick would prove to be too much for Carson Wentz’s back, not his ankles.

The hopes of a potential 2022 first round pick now lie squarely on the two rickety ankles of Colts quarterback Wentz, as the 0-2 gunslinger had to be taken out of the closing moments of Indy’s loss to the Los Angeles Rams. It was initially reported as just one sprained ankle, but he probably slipped on the way to the MRI machine and they had to add a second ankle to the injury list.’s Ian Rapaport confirmed the injuries, describing them as “one high ankle mechanism and one regular sprained ankle mechanism. Essentially two sprained ankles now.”

Colts Head Coach Frank Reich said Wentz “rolled his ankle up pretty good,” which may or may not have been preceded by a head shake and low whistle.

Wentz of course must play 75% of the Colts snaps this season (or 70% if the Colts make the playoffs) for the Eagles to receive a 1st round pick in the 2022 draft. If he doesn’t meet those requirements the pick turns into a second.

I’m far too lazy to do the math myself, so I’ll let 97.5 the Fanatic’s Jamie Lynch (and his good buddy Andrew Salciunas) do the math for me.

Alright alright. NOT TOO SHABBY. We’re sitting pretty so far, but there’s a lot of season left and I don’t like that he’s dinged up already.

I’m not a doctor, but I think the Colts medical staff would be doing Wentz and his teammates a great disservice if they didn’t  just strap him up with a couple of ankle braces and push him out onto the field next week. He’s a FOOTBALL player and he means way too much to the Colts and to the community to be limping around the sideline.

Never you mind that if the season ended now the Eagles would have three picks in the first round of the 2022 draft. I’m not thinking about that, it’d be crass to even mention such a tantalizing outcome to the Wentz trade.

I’m just thinking about what’s best for Carson and the great city of Indianapolis. They deserve to see him out on that field. It’s not about what’s good for Philadelphia right now. Let’s put Wentz in front of our own needs right now. And he needs to be playing football.

What’s good for football, and what’s good for Carson, is for him to be out there next week. Don’t even worry about making the playoffs, Carson, just play as much as you can. Not set figure, just an arbitrary number….like 75% of your team’s snaps, and it’ll be a win for you.

Get better Carson, we’re all rooting for you.

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