COVID Patient Calls Anthony Gargano from the Intensive Care Unit

There have been a lot of unique phone calls over the years on sports talk radio, but has anybody ever dialed in from the intensive care unit?

Charles, who I believe is a regular on the 97.5 midday show, called Anthony Gargano from the hospital on Thursday afternoon and said he was in the ICU with COVID-19.

I went back and listened to the show’s podcast, and Charles talks for a few minutes before the audio randomly cuts to an old show hosted by Eytan Shander and Devon Givens. Then it cuts back to the Charles phone call. It’s super weird and I don’t get it, but here’s a portion of the audio:

Pneumonia and blood clots? Jeez. You can even hear the equipment beeping in the background! The good thing is that Charles says he’s on the “road to recovery.” Hopefully he’s feeling better and gets out of there soon.

When the audio picks back up, Charles asks Andrew Salciunas and The Cuz to give his 97.5 Fan Fest tickets to somebody else. Pretty cool gesture there. Charles is the man.

But yeah, no clue why it cuts to Eytan and Devon talking with Brian Baldinger. Wonder what happened there. So random.