Dawn Stensland Gets Her Own Show on 1210 WPHT

from Audacy website

Meant to post this the other day, but still think it’s relevant.

1210 WPHT, which is a 94 WIP sister station (both owned by Audacy), has undergone a lineup shuffle in recent months. Dom Giordano, who hosted from nine to noon for a long time, recently took over the Rush Limbaugh time slot from noon to 3 p.m.

Rich Zeoli, who moved to mornings following Chris Stigall’s departure, broadcasted alongside former FOX 29 and CBS 3 anchor Dawn Stensland as a co-host and update anchor. Now Stensland is getting her own timeslot, via Barrett Sports Media:

While maintaining her role on “The Rich Zeoli Show” Stensland will be heard from 10 am EST – 12 pm EST every weekday.

“I’m grateful to Rich Zeoli and his ‘army’ of loyal listeners for believing in me since I joined the show six years ago,” Stensland said in the release. “I am so proud to work with Audacy and I’m also so thankful for their commitment to showcase a diverse collection of local voices as we engage with people across our region about the issues of the day and the news that impacts us here at home.”

So that’s six-straight hours of radio for Stensland, who is married to former CBS 3 anchor Larry Mendte. She’ll do four hours with Zeoli and then segue into her two-hour show from there.

The new WPHT lineup looks like this:

  • 6 am to 10 am – Rich Zeoli
  • 10 am to noon – Dawn Stensland
  • noon to 3 pm – Dom time
  • 3 pm to 6 pm – Sean Hannity
  • 6pm to midnight – Mark Levin, Dana Loesch, national people blah blah

One of my takeaways here is that the Audacy folks decided to fill all but 3 hours of the main dayparts with local programming. That seems like a smart move. Philadelphia is a hyper-local market and whenever you can broadcast a local show, that’s typically a positive. They used to do this with the Stigall/Giordano/Zeoli lineup, then used national jabronies to cover Stigall’s slot when he left, but now they’re back to having all-local programming from 6am to 3pm.

Anyway, good for Dawn. She’s got her own radio show. Good gig.