Did the Cowboys Get Screwed?

The Dallas Cowboys lost Thursday night’s NFL season opener on a last-second field goal.

You hate to see it (thick sarcasm). Tom Brady marched the Bucs down the field with less than 1:30 on the clock and got his guys into scoring position because he is the man.

But –

Did he get away with one? Did Tampa Tom benefit from a blown no-call? You tell me:

Here’s the front-side angle:

Hmm. Man, I don’t know. Eagles fans would be livid if the Birds were on the receiving end of that no-call. Chris Godwin’s elbow comes out, and while the arm isn’t fully extended, there’s enough there that other crews may have thrown the flag. It’s a perfectly-placed back-shoulder throw with the DB’s momentum carrying him toward the end zone, so you wouldn’t have to make a ton of contact in order to see the guy lose his balance and go to the ground.

Great game though. Awesome game. Dak Prescott threw the ball 58 times, which is bananas. That’s like a Mike Leach/Washington State type of statistic. The Cowboys benefited from Tampa turnovers, but offensively they looked pretty good, and their biggest hindrance appears to be Mike McCarthy.

How bout them COWBOYS?

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