Does Jason Dumas have inside information about a planned barnstorming of the 76ers training camp next week? A coordinated and well-timed attack to boo the living daylights out of Ben Simmons?

No. No he does not.

Amidst the Simmons news today everyone’s favorite “NBA Insider” Jason Dumas threw another dart at the dartboard this afternoon, claiming Ben Simmons wants no part of “several organized groups planning to go boo him in Camden the day camp opens.”

Oh my. We’ll get into why this is a logistically impossible situation, but first I will give Jason some credit. He originally reported in early August that Simmons would not report to training camp or play another game for the 76ers this year. Good job! Quickly thereafter Dumas had to walk back a report from a “source” that Tyrese Maxey would have to be included in any potential Simmons trades and local organizations had been told to cancel any partnerships with the second year point guard. That’s bad!

Not exactly a great job of reporting there, Jason, so forgive us if we take anything and everything you have to say about the Simmons situation with a grain of salt.

But back to the booing…our good friend and Sixers beat writer Kevin Kinkead took a time out from his paternity leave to explain to Dumas why this type of situation is absolutely impossible.

Add in the fact that training camp isn’t even open to the public and it all equals a heaping pile of nonsense from Mr. Dumas. Nor has anyone in the city heard of any “organized groups” who hope to go boo Simmons during camp. Seems like something of that magnitude would have a way of finding its way into the social media ether, yet we’ve seen or heard nothing of the sort. Weird!

Not sure who force fed him that nugget (looking at your way, Rich Paul) but everyone quickly saw through his nonsense.

It is fun to imagine Angelo Cataldi reaching out to the geriatric members of the “Dirty 30” to try and organize “one last scheme” to boo Simmons at training camp. One last chance to get the band back together to give Philadelphia a very public black eye that will be remembered for decades.

If you want booing, just wait a few months when Simmons returns as a visiting player to the Wells Fargo Center. You’ll definitely be able to hear the boos from Camden.