Dallas Cowboys legend Drew Pearson is out here talking nonsense, as he typically does.

He recently told TMZ that Dak Prescott is a top-3 NFL quarterback:

Dak Prescott is better right now than Tom BradyLamar Jackson AND Kyler Murray … so says Drew Pearson — who tells TMZ Sports the Cowboys star is a top-3 QB in the NFL.

The Dallas legend made the claim just one day after Dak carved up the Eagles on “Monday Night Football” … saying he believes only 2 other QBs in the league are as good as Prescott is at the moment.

“Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Dak Prescott,” Pearson says. “Top three quarterbacks in the league, I would say, right now.”

A Dallas Cowboy going to bat for a Dallas Cowboy. Shocker!

Dak is good. He’s really good. But he’s not a top-five NFL quarterback in 2021. Nobody in their right mind is taking him over Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, or Tom Brady. You’re probably not taking him over Kyler Murray or Russell Wilson. And then you could have serious discussions about whether Dak ranks above Josh Allen, Matt Stafford, and Lamar Jackson.

Low key, Drew Pearson is one of the more annoying Dallas Cowboys out there. But he played in the late 70s and early 80s, with Roger Staubach and Danny White, so it’s not like people remember those days very clearly. That was more than 40 years ago.

Pearson was a Hall of Fame snub for a long time, then finally got in this past year. He got his ring at halftime of Monday night’s game and you might recall he did the selection for the Cowboys when the draft was in Philadelphia back in 2017:

Annoying. Drew Pearson is full of baloney.