Now I want the Eagles to win Sunday’s matchup against the 49ers MORE THAN EVER.

Bart Scott, one of several bloviators on ESPN’s waste of space morning show “Get Up,” is so convinced the Eagles stand no shot against the 49ers this weekend that he claimed on-air he will shave off one of his eyebrows if the 49ers lose.

This is a wager we can all get behind. Please, Eagles, please make this man look like an escaped mental patient for the next several weeks. I beg of you.

Here’s the segment:

Get-Up’s Damien Woody cautioned Scott that the Eagles are no mere pushovers, and with their “elite line” they could make the afternoon a long one for the San Francisco squad.

Scott didn’t seem too phased by Woody’s warning.

“I bet you that if the 49ers lose to the Philadelphia Eagles I’ll shave my eyebrow off. What say you? What say you? We know you’ll be beating your face up, you’re going to be drawing your eyebrows on. Put your money where your mouth is, D-Wood. Put your eyebrows up, right or left one, I don’t care. If you smell what the Rock is cooking.”

A+ Rock reference and attempt at a “People’s Eyebrow,” Scott. Woody never gave an answer to Scott’s bet, but I think we as a city can accept the terms of the wager on his behalf.

Eagles! 49ers! EYEBROW FOR EYEBROW THIS SUNDAY ON FOX! Make sure to bring your razors to Lincoln Financial Field this Sunday, gang, we’ve got an eyebrow to take (please don’t do this).

I asked our resident photoshop expert to digitally take off one of Scott’s eyebrows for this piece, and he correctly pointed out to me that Scott doesn’t have much in the way of eyebrows to begin with, but he did his best.

It was a challenge, but here’s a depiction of what Scott may look like after Sunday:

And just for the hell of it, here’s what Scott looks like with no eyebrows:

Go Birds.