Even the Local Meteorologists are Ripping Ben Simmons

Today on NBC 10 we were treated to breaking news, sports, and traffic updates.

We were also gifted a special bonus segment, with the meteorologist using the weather toss to rip the local basketball team’s point guard. Here’s Hurricane Schwartz dumping on Ben Simmons:

Hilarious. I can picture Hurricane Schwartz flipping Ben the double birds from the premium seats, like that urologist did.

To me, this shows how goofy and out of the control the situation is getting. Hurricane Schwartz? He’s gotta be the nicest dude out there. A 69-year-old weather guy who wears a bow tie and has stayed in his lane since 1995. I don’t think he’s ever said or done anything remotely controversial, at least not that I can remember.

So good job by Ben Simmons. You have alienated the fans, media, probably some teammates, and now the veteran local weather guy is up your ass.

That’s your forecast, now we’ll send it back over to the desk.

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