JJ Redick took to his podcast this morning and surprisingly announced his retirement from the NBA, capping a 15-season career as one of the premier three point shooters in the league.

Redick of course spent two seasons with the 76ers, including the 2018-2019 season that many say was the best roster the 76ers constructed since the start of The Process. He hit some big shots with the 76ers and there were rumors even throughout last year that the 76ers had interest in bringing him back for one last run.

Maybe he could have made a few clutch three against the Hawks in a certain game 7….but I digress.

“I would like to describe last season as a seven month exercise in coming face to face with my own athletic mortality. It was scary, and it was confusing,” he said on his decision to retire.

Redick split his last season between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Dallas Mavericks. He only started 44 games and was hampered throughout the year by injuries. He only averaged 7.4 points on the season, his lowest average since 2008-2009 with the Orlando Magic.

He finishes his career with the 15th most made three pointers in NBA history, hitting 1,950 threes at a 41.5% rate.

Fun fact: Redick’s two seasons with the 76ers saw him average the most points in his career, scoring 17.1 a game in 2017-2018 and 18.1 a game in 2018-2019.

His time with the 76ers could be described as the best two year stint for the team since drafting Joel Embiid. Those rosters were stacked with talent, and if not for a game 7 buzzer beating bouncing three pointer from Kawhi Leonard the 76ers very well may have gone on to win a championship. Sure, that’s a big WHAT IF, but it seemed like whoever got out of that series was going to be the favorite for a championship.

Redick said he will spend more time with his family. You can listen to his full retirement announcement on his podcast, “The Old Man and the Three.”

Hopefully he’ll have a fruitful and happy retirement. Good luck J.J. Watch out for those Uber trunks and you’ll do just fine.