This is wild.

Former Eagle Freddie Mitchell went on Instagram and shared a ton of videos from last night’s flooding. Turns out his KOP-area house was completely walloped, and rescuers came via boat to get him out. With no access to his clothing, he went to Walmart in his underwear to buy something to put on.

I can’t drop the video clips in here, since it’s on IG live, but here are some still pics of the damage:

That’s all coming in through what appears to be the Schuylkill River. His house is right on the banks.

Freddie went on to show more than a foot of water through the entire house, and then there’s a clip of rescuers coming in through the window to get him out:

All this junk can be replaced,” said Fred Ex, who seemed to be in good spirits. Material possessions don’t matter, right? That’s the right mindset.

Later on, he showed some videos walking through Walmart in his underwear at 6 a.m., trying on clothes:

It’s a good look, isn’t it? Some boots, a Dickie’s flannel shirt, and some work pants. Looks like he’s ready to do some outdoor work, or visit Linvilla Orchards.

And thankfully everybody got out safely, including the dog, Jasper:

It’s crazy stuff. Glad everybody’s okay. Check out Freddie’s IG stories for more.