It seems like the Eagles always have one guy who commits at least one dumbass, back-breaking penalty per game. Andrew Sendejo carried the mantle for a season, and now Derek Barnett has reclaimed the throne. He’s always good for a late hit out of bounds, or a cheap shot on an unsuspecting player, but last night he jumped waaaaaay offside on a defensive series, which led to this moment of brilliance on the broadcast:

Reuben Frank says that Barnett now has 23 penalties and 19.5 sacks in his NFL career. That’s not what you’re looking for from a first round draft pick who is currently in his first contract year. At $10.5 million, he was coming into the season as one of the team’s highest-paid players, before he restructured in the summer. That kicked about $9 million in bonus money down the road in order to give the Eagles more wiggle room up front.

With the extension given to Josh Sweat, you’d think the Eagles go elsewhere at the other defensive end spot. Can’t imagine Barnett gets a new long-term deal in Philadelphia.