Jalen Hurts 91-Yard Pass Longest in NFL Since 2012 To Not Score a Touchdown

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Well that was certainly fun, wasn’t it? In a game of missed opportunities (spelled out beautifully as always by our good buddy Kevin Kinkead this morning) one play and one sequence will fester in our brains like an unwanted parasite until Monday night’s matchup against the Dallas Cowboys.

Yes, you can already see it playing out in your head. The beautifully arched pass from the 1-yard line to Quez Watkins for 91 yards, setting up a golden red zone opportunity for the Eagles to increase their lead and completely change the complexion of Sunday’s game against the 49ers.


What an opportunity. Backed up all the way on their 1-yard line…and one play later you’re on the six and ready to increase your lead by at least three or seven points.

But who could have foreseen the outcome seven plays later? A pass interference call against the Niners set the Eagles up with a first and goal at the 1-yard line….and four plays later we were all left scratching our heads as the Eagles came away with no points and subsequently let San Francisco march down the field for 97 yards to score a touchdown.

Brutal. Let’s rub some lemon juice in our open wounds and take a look at some of the numbers on a play that hopefully won’t be the defining moment of the 2021-2022 Eagles season.

  • Here’s a fun fact from AP Sports Writer Josh Dubow.

Oh boy. Dubow helpfully pointed out that the Buccaneers didn’t notch any points during that sequence either, opting for four straight runs before turning the ball over on downs. At least they ran the ball.

  • Interestingly enough it wasn’t even the longest pass in Eagles history that didn’t result in a touchdown. Reuben Frank was Johnny on the spot yesterday and uncovered this gem.

  • It was the fifth longest pass in Eagles history. (The longest pass in Eagles history? Jaws to Mike Quick for 99 yards on Nov. 10, 1985)
  • It was the longest Eagles completion since Michael Vick found DeSean Jackson for 91 yards against the Cowboys in 2010.
  • According to Next Gen Stats, Hurts’ pass traveled 51-yards in the air and was an NFL career long throw.
  • Also, Next Gen Stats reported Watkins reached a top speed of 21.62 miles per hour on the play, the fastest speed reached by a ball carrier this season.
  • Hurts only threw for 99 yards on the day outside of the 91-yard completion.
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