Now this is how you celebrate an Eagles season opening win.

Jason Kelce took a moment after the post-game glow of the week 1 demolition of the Falcons to toast one of the thousands of Eagles fans who traveled to Atlanta for the victory and crack into a cold beer like he was pulling on a petrified cornerback.

It’s oh so perfect that Kelce would so politely say “Can I have this? Ahh thank you!” and enjoy a cold Bud Lite after a long day in the trenches. The look on his face when the fan offers him a beer is one of puzzlement and absolute delight. It was certainly well earned for the 11-year vet.

Nice to see battery mate Jordan Mailata, aka the $64-million-dollar man, looking on fondly. My only critique is the fan didn’t offer Jordon one as well, but if we’re being honest he probably would have preferred a tin of Victoria Bitter or Coopers over a Bud Lite.

This should absolutely become a tradition in away games and it would make me insanely happy to see random Eagles fans presenting beers to their favorite players after victories.

If one of you don’t offer Zach Ertz a Guinness Blonde this season I’ll be very disappointed.