Joel Embiid Continues Down the Twitter Warpath

Embiid ready for full capacity (via game broadcast)

Joel Embiid came out this morning to dispute a USA Today report claiming his relationship with Ben Simmons was frayed. He said that’s not true, and that he loves playing with Simmons.

He also tweeted criticism of the media, saying that people make shit up for followers.

Joel is still going. He remains on the Twitter warpath, and wrote this:

Ah, no! Don’t do it, Joel. Don’t tell the fans they have to be better. Fans boo because it’s their only way to communicate to you. It’s their only way to tell the players that it’s not good enough. And then the players hear it, correct it, and everybody is good. Usually.

This happened with Ben plenty of times. He was booed in Game 1 of the 2019 Brooklyn series, then dropped a triple-double in Game 2. It’s the natural ebb and flow and it happens in every sports city. Just ask the Mets about it.

Embiid then retweeted a clip of Mad Mike/Mike from King of Prussia ripping him and calling him fat on Joe Giglio’s show:

I wouldn’t put much stock in anything Mad Mike/Mike from King of Prussia has to say.

Joel then tweeted the following:

But not everyone’s built like that” is going to be interpreted as a huge shot at Ben Simmons, aka he’s soft and doesn’t have what it takes to get better. Embiid put in the time and effort, got himself in shape, and was an MVP runner up this year. Ben put in the time as well, we think, but it just never translated to the court. All of the three-point shooting videos and whatnot.

So Joel isn’t wrong in what he’s saying, but that’s going to come back to bite him in the rear end I think, that tweet.

I’ll update if he tweets anything else.

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