Joel Embiid Rips USA Today Report, Says Media “Makes Stuff Up For Followers”

from the broadcast

Joel Embiid checking in!

The context here is that a NBA reporter named Jeff Zillgitt, from USA Today, claims that the Embiid/Ben Simmons relationship is pretty much shot, with the Sixers having to choose between the two.

Embiiid responded directly to that, and shut it down:

And then he followed up by saying this:

Fact check: true!

The media does make things up. Mostly national guys and up-and-coming blue check marks. The local beats are good, though. We don’t make things up. We give you the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God. We’re fair and balanced. These national guys are fugazi.

In terms of Embiid and Simmons’ relationship, they’ve always downplayed the “they don’t like each other” thing. Even Brett Brown said as much a few years ago, noting that they had a quality on-court understanding even if they aren’t getting together for Friday night pizza parties at each other’s homes.

Of course, people begin to wonder if that sentiment remains intact when Embiid says things like this:

“Man, I will be honest. I thought the turning point was, you know, when we, I don’t know how to say it, but I thought the turning point was just we had an open shot, and we made one free throw, and we missed the other, and they came down and scored.”

That was Embiid after the Simmons non-dunk in Game 7 against the Hawks. People thought that was a shot at his teammate.

Interesting to see Joel respond directly to this, however. There is no lack of excitement when it comes to the Sixers.

Edit –

He’s still going:

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