Josina Anderson is BACK with a New Gig

via Instagram

Josina Anderson was the centerpiece for one of the best days EVER in Philadelphia sports media.

October 22nd, 2019.

That was the day Howard Eskin reported that Alshon Jeffery was Anderson’s snitch, then Josina said Howard had “zero knowledge” of her sources. Jeff McLane asked Doug Pederson if Howard was leaking stories on behalf of the team, and then reportedly shared some words with The King after the presser. Mike Missanelli then JUMPED into the fray, calling Howard a “water boy” and alleging that he bought his own Super Bowl ring. A Crossing Broad investigation later revealed that Howard did not buy his own ring, but instead purchased a separate ring to give as a gift.

Anyway, Josina, who left ESPN, got a new job:

Sources tell Crossing Broad that Alshon has subscribed to Sports+.

Will you subscribe to Sports+?

Go Birds.

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