Manayunk’s Starfinder Foundation Took a Lot of Flooding Damage

If you’ve ever driven the length of Main Street in Manayunk, you’ve probably seen the Starfinder Foundation sitting up there on the hill, across from a public parking lot. It’s a non-profit organization with a full turf field that puts together soccer programs for underserved kids in the Philadelphia region.

Unfortunately, the building took a lot of damage in the recent storm, so much so, that fish from the Schuylkill River ended up on the pitch:

In another photo sent to us by Starfinder, you can see standing water in the locker room area, which is just off the turf field on the north side of the building:

There damage to the outside of the structure, with portions of a mosaic sign falling apart. And the field, which was replaced barely a year ago (it’s brand new) is currently holding standing water and a full inch of mud. Folks involved with Starfinder are trying to figure out how to clean the mud out of the turf and restore the field:

Starfinder has been active in the Philadelphia region for some time now. Each year, the Foundation works with about 900 local kids, with 100% graduating from high school and 92% going off to college. They run after-school and weekend programs to get kids involved with sports and promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Some of their work also trends into off-field things as well, like educational growth, leadership training, and emotional support.

It’s a great spot that does great work in the community.  If you’ve got a minute, check out their website, and considering pitching in to help if you can. I’ll likely be organizing a fundraiser through my podcast, It’s Always Soccer in Philadelphia.