Minor League Advocacy Group Investigating Claims That Phillies Reprimanded BlueClaw Protestors

Image via Twitter (@MiLBAdvocates)

Bob Nightengale of USA Today Sports reported the Phillies are currently being investigated by the Advocates for Minor Leaguers for alleged claims that the franchise reprimanded several of their minor league players for their roles in a protest during the final minor-league game of the season. The Phillies deny the allegations, Nightengale reported.

Between 10 to 25 players on the Phillies Class-A Jersey Shore BlueClaws and Mets Class-A Brooklyn Cyclones were seen wearing teal #FairBall wristbands during the final game of the minor league season in support of better living conditions and improved pay for minor league athletes.

Harry Marino, executive director of the non-profit group, told USA Today Sports the group received complaints from several BlueClaws players that the Phillies reprimanded them for wearing the bracelets during the game.

The Advocates for Minor Leaguers said they received no complaints from any of the Mets players in the organization after wearing the bracelets.

Nightengale spoke with Dave Dombrowski, Phillies president of baseball operations, who denied the team reprimanded or scolded the minor leaguers for wearing the bracelets. Dombrowski confirmed the team spoke with their players about the protest, but did not punish them for the decision.

“To my knowledge, no player got in trouble for this,” Dave Dombrowski, Phillies president of baseball operations, told USA TODAY Sports. “Our staff met with the players the next day since it was the last day of the season, and an end-of-the-year meeting was planned.”

“The wrist band topic came up but it was for knowledge sakes. No player got in trouble or was scolded for wearing them.”

The advocacy group is currently seeking better wages for minor league athletes.