We received several panicked tips from fans attending Saturday’s Temple Owls/Boston College matchup that the Nick Foles/Doug Pederson “Philly Special” statue had been removed from outside Lincoln Financial Field.

Why, oh why, would a testament to one of the greatest moments in Philadelphia Eagles history (sponsored by Bud Lite) be removed? Is it a conspiracy against Nick Foles? Did Carson Wentz commission a rogue band of ne’er do wells to steal it away in the dead of night?

Nope. It was simply relocated. Everyone can calm down.

We were told the 9-foot tall statue has been relocated from Headhouse Plaza (officially known as Pepsi Plaza) to an area outside the plaza off Lot K, close to the fan walk pavers. The statue is accessible to fans as they enter the stadium or as they tailgate.

The statue was created by Utah-based artist Raymond Gibby and took nearly 4-months to complete. When it was installed in 2018 it was unknown if it would be only for a month or two or would become a permanent fixture at the Linc.

Seems like it’s found a permanent home off of Lot K. A perfect monument to the man who the Eagles will likely trade for later in the year to really screw with all our heads.