Nick Sirianni midweek press conference today.

Here’s what he had to say about the ugly Dallas loss:

  • There wasn’t a lot of “checking out of plays” at the line of scrimmage.
  • He needs to do a better job balancing out the offense.
  • They count RPOs as running plays, but he thinks they need to run more in general.
  • They motion “for a very distinct reason… if we can create an advantage or see what kind of defense they’re in… we’re not going to motion just to motion.” They’re finding different ways to give Jalen Hurts indications of what coverages he’s seeing.
  • He didn’t think it was fair for Hurts to put the blame on himself for the loss.
  • They can get DeVonta Smith some “easy touches” to help get him going a little bit.
  • RE: the guards, he says it’s a “competitive advantage” not to divulge who will play on the left and who will play on the right
  • There have been too many pre-snap penalties. “Derek (Barnett) wasn’t the only one to have a false start, encroachment, or offside.” He sees improvement in Barnett getting the message.

On Miles Sanders not getting enough of the ball:

“Does he need more than five touches? Of course. The way the game went, he didn’t get that. And yes, when guys are down because of their role and we expect more from that role, be it they didn’t accomplish it on their own or I didn’t give them a chance to accomplish it, we’ve got to pick them up. That’s what a team does. Pick them up and let them know you believe in them still. As far as Miles getting touches, there’s no doubt; we gotta get our playmakers the ball. He’s a playmaker. He’s shown he’s a playmaker, whether it’s screen game, out of the backfield, or getting the ball (on a hand off).” 

Looking through Miles Sanders’ game log, you find that five touches is the lowest number he’s ever posted. Ever. Even during his rookie year, his least-involved game featured three carries and three receptions. Gotta get him going against Big Red and the Chiefs on Sunday.

Here’s the full video of today’s presser: