Eagles on Sunday. Less than 48 hours away. Two more sleeps until we all play witness to the debut of head ball coach Nick Sirianni.

And thank the Lord in Heaven for that, because these press conferences are so boring. There’s not much else to ask him. Same with the coordinators, who have already mastered the art of coach speak.

Friday, Sirianni was asked a bunch about Frank Reich, and said this:

Q.When you put the staff together, one of the things you were asked about was the lack of a former head coach on the team – or on the staff, somebody to bounce ideas off of. How has that played out and are you still regularly in touch with Colts Head Coach Frank Reich in terms of just going through stuff like that? (Bo Wulf)

NICK SIRIANNI: I think it’s played out well. I trust the guys, obviously immensely, on the staff that I can bounce ideas off of them as well. We’ve all been around good coaches, too, that we were close with as well.

I do have a list of guys that I can call. Yeah, no secret, I was on the phone with Frank yesterday, I was on the phone with Frank the day before that too on the way home. I might have talked to him a little bit more this week than I talked to my wife.

Yeah, I feel really confident that I can call guys that I trust. You know what, I got a dad who was a coach and I got brothers who are coaches, too. I feel like I got a lot of good people in my corner.

I imagine the conversation went something like this:

Wife: Who are you talking to?

Sirianni: It’s Frank Reich, from the Colts.

Wife: Frank Reich, at three in the morning? Who is this?

Sirianni: It’s Frank Reich.

Wife: What are you wearing, Frank Reich?

Reich: Uhhh… khakis.

But on a more serious note, Wulf makes the point that there are no former head coaches on this staff. Sometimes new guys will bring in a former HC to be one of their coordinators, and that helps with the gameday prep and all of that. That’s not the case here, so Sirianni has been leaning on the guy that hired him in Indy, a guy who is well respected here. A guy who people thought was more responsible for the Super Bowl win than Doug. Thankfully we’ve moved on from the “Frank Reich and John Defilippo” take. I think.

Go Birds.