Nick Sirianni’s Choice in Wardrobe Has the Cowboys’ Attention

Image via twitter (@JClarkNBCS)

Nick Sirianni is certainly not shying away from his first taste of the Eagles/Cowboys rivalry.

The rookie head coach chose to sport an interesting shirt during yesterday’s media session in Philadelphia, donning a “Beat Dallas” garment while discussing the Eagles upcoming Monday Night Football matchup.

Mission accomplished, I suppose, as he’s successfully raised the eyebrows of members of the Dallas Cowboys. Jori Epstein of USA Today reported several players on the Dallas roster had some thoughts on Sirianni’s fashion choices.

Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas’s 6th-year running back, said the Cowboys will “stay in our lane” and not take bait on the t-shirt.

“They’re definitely probably our biggest rival since I’ve been here, probably the team I don’t like the most,” Elliott said. “I’d say probably half the time we play them there’s something a little chippiness or a little scuffle before the game. … Philly week is always fun.”

But it’s on their radar, as several of the Cowboys Epstein spoke to her in column acknowledged the shirt. Cowboys kicker Greg Zuerlein minimized the shirt’s meaning.

“Just because you wear a shirt doesn’t change the fact that we’re thinking ‘Beat Philadelphia’ and they’re thinking beat us,” (Greg) Zuerlein said after practice. “It’s probably just a little fun thing that they like to do.”

They’re downplaying it to the media, but you know they’ve had a few discussions in the locker room over Sirianni’s comments and choices. How could they not?

It’s an absolute risk from Sirianni. He’s choosing to put a target on his back, giving Dallas potential bulletin board material leading up to the biggest game of his young coaching career. It will works well if he wins, but it will raise unnecessary questions if the team loses. I’m not sure whether to applaud Sirianni or question if he truly understands the implications of his choices if the Eagles don’t perform well on Monday night.

Either way it’s nice to feel like there’s a little more juice leading up to this game. The energy has been severely lacking so far this week as the city’s attention has been split by the Phillies postseason hunt and unfolding the Ben Simmons drama. Feels like football again.

Go Birds.

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