Sixers Players Reportedly Wanted to Fly Out to LA to See Ben Simmons, but He Apparently Told Them Not to Come

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We were just enjoying a nice college football and Premier League Saturday, when BEN SIMMONS NEWS comes out of nowhere to bite us in the ass. Of course it does. We can’t even have a nice, peaceful weekend afternoon without some sort of Ben bullshit crossing the wire.

There are two bits. The first is from Shams Charania, who writes this at The Athletic in a story titled Ben Simmons turns away 76ers teammates, won’t change mind about trade: Sources –

Philadelphia 76ers players wanted to travel to Los Angeles this week to meet with Ben Simmons and spend time convincing their All-Star teammate to commit to the 2021-22 season with them, but they were informed not to come and that Simmons did not want to meet, sources tell The Athletic.

The core leaders on the 76ers — such as Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris and Matisse Thybulle — and most of the team were set to take a jet to see Simmons before being turned away, sources said. Multiple sources said Simmons didn’t want his teammates, some of whom he considers friends, to make the Philadelphia-to-Los Angeles commute out of courtesy because he won’t change his mind on wanting a trade.

Simmons has mentally checked out as a member of the 76ers, sources said, meaning whether or not he ever appears in Philadelphia this season the organization may never again receive the same dedicated player.

They tried to get on a Big Ol’ Jet Airliner, as Steve Miller once sang.

The other bit is from Brian “Windy” Windhorst:

Well, to be fair, I don’t think the fans want him there either. He’s become the poster child for the Sixers’ playoff shortcomings, be it the Boston wall of 2018, the non-factor of Toronto 2019, or the passive 2021 series against the Hawks. There were a lot of screw ups by a lot of Sixers people along the way, but when you’re a max player and you won’t shoot the ball, you’re gonna get the brunt of the criticism. Nobody should be surprised by this, context be damned.

Now back to college football.

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