Say what you will about Screamin’ A Smith, but the guy lived and worked in this city for a long time. He knows Philadelphia, and therefore nailed this take about Ben Simmons and the ridiculous hold out situation:

Hear hear!

Stephen A gets it 100% correct. Philadelphia will ride and die with you EVEN IF YOU DON’T WIN! All you gotta do is play hard, show some heart, and blah blah. Aaron Rowand was here for a cup of coffee but everybody loved the guy because he ran into the fence and broke his face. Likewise, Mike Scott got his own fan club and people on Twitter have Tyrese Maxey avatars. I was in the building when Markelle Fultz got a huge ovation just for making a foul shot.

The default behavior in Philadelphia is unconditional support, and the only way you lose that support is it you fuck up and/or stop doing your job.